Bushfire Information To report bushfires call 000

Definition of a Bushfire:
Bushfire is a term used to describe almost any form of fire burning out of control whether the fire was planned or unplanned.

Causes of Bushfires:

  • Lightning: A single stroke of lightning can reach a temperature of that is five times hotter than the Sun’s surface. If lightning strikes dry vegetation, this heat and energy can start bushfires.

  • Deliberate:This category includes all fires which are deliberately lit and develop into bushfires on public land.

  • Agricultural: farmers may lite agricultural fires but they could get out of control and catch light on public vegetation and start a bushfire.

  • Campfires: Most of these fires start when the campfire is left unattended or not properly extinguished.

  • Cigarettes/ Matches:Cigarettes and matches comtribute to some of the cause of bushfires. When someone thows a cigarette but on the ground it can catch light on the grass and it could cause a bushfire.

  • Machinery/ Exhausts:Any equipment or machinery that generates heat or sparks is a potential cause of bushfires.

bushfire pictures

By J Turner