Here are tips to Prevent Bushfires

To minimise loss and injury, any type of fire, indoor or outdoor, should be reported to the fire department by calling 000.
If there is a big fire Have a hose and maybe water barrels around your house in case you decide to say and if you install sprinklers around your house as well for fire protection.
Fire extinguishers May be a good idea to put out a small fire. Ensure you have a survival kit pre-prepared including:
  • Protective clothing for all family member
  • First aid kit
  • Woollen blankets
  • Batteries
  • Torch
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Drinking water
  • Safe storage box

Take the time with your family to sit down and create a plan, ensuring all family members know what to do in a Bush fire.

  • * Make the decision if you are prepared to stay and defend your property, or leave early.

  • * Check your insurance is up-to-date and you are not underinsured.

  • * Create a fuel break of at least 20m around your house, sheds, hay stacks, fences, fuel storage areas, fodder resources, buildings and other property.

  • * Ploughing and harrowing can assist in creating sufficient fuel breaks.

  • * Clear away timber, dead vegetation, undergrowth and long grass.

  • * Clean gutters to remove leaves and rubbish.

  • * Keep farming machinery clean of oil, dust and harvested material including straw and dust.

  • * Ensure fire-fighting equipment is kept in easy-to-reach spots in both the home and with harvesting machinery.

  • * Make sure you are easily able to access water supplies such as tanks, dams, swimming pools or water reserves.

  • * Identify a safe paddock to move your livestock to, which contains a water supply, clear access, well maintained fire breaks and is well fenced.

  • * Spark-proof your home, such as fitting wire screens to windows and doors, to prevent burning embers flying through.

  • * Store flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel fuel and hazardous chemicals safely away from the house.

  • * Prepare a safe storage box to place important documents, photos, valuables and medication in a hurry.
For Pictures here are some Websites.

Bush fire Pictures

By B Slokar