Bush fire

Implement your Bush fire Survival Plan.
Listen to local radio.
  • Get out your Emergency Kit and prepare firefighting equipment.
  • If you plan to leave , leave early!
Threatening your house:
  • Get dressed in your emergency clothing.
  • Turn off gas.
  • Close vents, windows and doors.
  • Place wet towels in gaps around external windows and doors.
  • Remove curtains and be move furniture clear of windows.
  • Block gutters with rags, and fill with water.
Impacting on your house or garden:
  • If you have decided to stay, as the fire front approaches, retreat inside with hoses, look for spot fires (remember to check inside the ceiling space), check windows and doors.
  • Drink plenty of water.
Detailed advice
The following links provide more detailed advice to householders:
What to do if you hear the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS)
  • Prepare your pets
  • Protect your home
Have an alternative water supply
Things to do when the fire front approaches
In an emergency, which is life threatening or there is imminent risk to either property or the environment, dial "000" (triple zero) for Fire, Police or Ambulance at any time, day or night for 24 hour service.