Bushfire Recovery

How to recover from a bushfire


  • Patrol for fire outbreaks for several hours after the fire has passed.

  • Remember to check inside the ceiling for embers.
  • Apply first-aid if required.
  • Contact family and friends.
  • Check on your neighbours.
  • Check inside the ceiling cavity regularly;

  • Quickly extinguish any fires which have started in, near or under the house or roof;
  • If a gas main is burning, leave it alone;

  • Check if anyone is injured - perform first-aid and obtain medical help if required (protect yourself while you are doing this);
  • Listen to your battery-operated radio for emergency updates;

  • If there is any further fire danger or your house begins to burn move to burnt ground outside the house; and

  • Remain in or near your house - wait for help.
  • Contact others

  • Regroup your family

  • Reassure family and neighbours; and
  • Nominate a family contact person to advise friends and relatives of your current situation.

By J Turner