Cybercrime Prevention

These are some ways to help you stop cyber-crime. If you do not really understand what cyber-crime is go to information on this wiki website.This wiki is to help you understand and to stop it form happening.

1. Turn on your spam blocker. Most Internet providers provide a spam blocking feature to prevent unwanted messages from getting to your inbox.

2.Make sure you have good anti-virus software for your computer. You also need to make sure you regularly update your anti-virus software and that you do a once-a-week scan to locate and eliminate any viruses and other problems.
3.Use your computer's firewall protection feature, which is a digitally created barrier that prevents hackers from getting into your computer system. Always keep it turned on.

4.Be wary of providing personal information via a website you know nothing about, especially those that ask for your name, mailing address, bank account number or social security number.

5.Monitor the online activities of your children. They should only have access to a computer located in a central area of your home and you should regularly check all browser and email activity. A wise thing to do is to use parental control software that limits the types of sites the user can gain access to.