Drought response

The response to the drought comprises a range of activities. BCC is drilling in more than 15 locations across the city as part of its Aquifer Project to source up to 20 million litres a day of ground water to supplement the dwindling supply. The Queensland Government in partnership with south-eastern regional councils are undertaking major infrastructure projects involving recycled water and desalination. BCC has undertaken an innovative and collaborative new venture with the international toilet company Caroma, in which BCC staff initiated and assisted in the research and development of a new toilet unit that includes a hand-wash basin and reduces water use by half.

Since May 2005, when level-one water restrictions were applied, state and local governments have undertaken a major engagement program, comprising television, radio, print and electronic communication, as well as rebates and incentives to maximise water savings. The Target 140 campaign, launched in 2007, has been demonstrably effective: water savings of more than 40 per cent are playing a substantial role in preserving this precious resource while infrastructure projects are being completed.
Community engagement