Earthquake Prevention

You cannot prevent an earthquake but you can ensure your safety like:

*Build stronger, shorter, thicker, longer buildings
*Make sure the people have a prevention pack
*People should have basements near there homes
but not too close in case buildings fall on the basement

Secure Your Home
Step 1.Find out if your house is bolted to the foundation. If your house was built after 1935, chances are it is. If your home is older, you can have your house inspected and install bolts if necessary.
Step 2.Have shear walls installed if your home was built on a raised foundation. Older houses often have cripple walls in the crawlspace between the foundation and the floor. To earthquake proof your home, you'll need shear plywood reinforcement.
Securing Furniture and Appliances
Step 3.Equip all cabinets with child-proof latches. This includes kitchen cupboards and medicine cabinets. These latches are cheap, easy to install and keep the contents of your cabinets from flying during and earthquake. Store the heaviest objects, along with dangerous materials, in floor-level cabinets.

Scientists are continuously thinking of ways to try and reduce earthquake power. Some are trying to lessen the friction between colliding plates. They poured water down a fault where two plates were grinding together. The water lubricates the fault, letting one piece jerk free with a number of little earthquakes and preventing a large tremor.

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