Quick guide for householders.
  • Make an emergency kit.
  • Do a first aid course.
  • Write a household flood plan.
  • Check your insurance.
  • Identify your nearest flood safe location.

  • Find out if you live or work in or near a flood-prone area. Your
council or local SES unit can help you. There should be a
copy of your local flood plan in the council library. Remember,
you can still be affected by floods even if your property is not
inundated by floodwater. You may become isolated or access
to areas may be cut.


Listen to your local radio station for information,
updates and advice
Locate and check your Emergency Kit
Check on your neighbours and make sure they are
aware of the Flood Watch
Move livestock, including agisted animals, to high ground
Be prepared to lift all your furniture and electrical equipment to a safe level.

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By doing these quick simple things you can be prepared for a flood in your area.It is important that we have a safe time and if you hear of any floods in your area that you remember to stay safe.
If you know a flood is coming, close all doors and windows.If it is really bad go to a safe place to stay away from danger.
Here is a website for pictures and info on floods