Heatwave Prevention.

You really can't prevent a heatwave,
It's caused by the sun and you can't fight the sun's heat.
But you could also possibly try to stop a heatwave or another natural disaster by reducing your carbon footprint. Scientists say global warming or climate change is cause for natural disasters. If we reduce our carbon footprint we could stop heat waves from occurring in the long term.
Here are some things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint:
- Don't litter.
- Pick up scraps and put them in the bin.
- When grocery shopping, use earth-friendly bags.
- Use energy efficient light bulbs.
- Wash clothes on a cold cycle.
- Have short showers.
- Walk or ride bikes more. Use cars less. You will be fit as well!
- Use dishwashers, don't wash up, it wastes water.
- To heat your water for showers, use solar panels.
- Insulate your house.
- Use energy efficient appliances.
- Get a good star rated washer and fridge.

If a heatwave is already know for hitting your town ( Or if the heatwave is already in the area ) what you should do is get prepared by getting everything you need to stay cool.
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By T Olabarriaga.

What do you do when there is a here you should keep cool and avoid going out side where it is hot. Drink heaps of water. If you have any fans our air condition put them on to stay cool.