Terrorism Preparation

Here is some advice if there was a terrorist attack:
*Your family should establish a meeting place that is safe.

*Your family should get a medical kit and supplies (food,water and clothes).

*Follow the advice of the emergency officials.

*Check on your neighbours, especially if they are disabled.

*Listen to the radio until the attack is over.

*Make sure you lock you're home.

*Wear a long sleeve shirt or a jacket or jumper over you're clothes, try to stay as protected as much as possible.

*Always remember to stay calm.

Like many countries, Australia has been on a heightened security alert since 11 September 2001.
Having a strong counter-terrorism capability to protect our way of life is a top priority for the Australian Government. All national security agencies have been significantly upgraded.
New measures include strengthening intelligence, Defence Force and Federal Police capabilities, and tightening air security and border controls.
The Australian Government continues to work hard to protect Australia from the threat of terrorism. Following is some information and advice for members of the community for this heightened period of alert.

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by Hsodhi and Clockwood