Here is a list on what you will need in a tornado kit if a tornado happens to hit Woolgoolga. If you have a big family you may need to double or even triple the amount of supplies you have. Make sure you keep your kit in a place were your family knows were it is. Try not to raid your kit.

Things You'll Need:
Large plastic container with locking lid
Battery-powered radio
Weather Radio
Extra batteries for both radios
Manual can opener
Matches (waterproof)
Canned fruit
Canned tuna
Meal pouches (made for campers & backpackers)
Small propane stove
Extra bottles of propane fuel
Bottles of water [1 litre per person per day for drinking, plus enough water for meal preparation]
(restock water every 6 to 8 weeks)
2 torches
Electric lantern
Extra batteries for torches and lantern

by ohorsley and avanheekeren