Tornado Recovery

Recovery: Clean up

One of the most important safety aspects of clean-up work is dressing correctly.
When cleaning up tornado debris:
Wear protective clothing.
Use heavy safety gloves.
Wear sturdy work boots with heavy soles and steel toes if possible.
Some tools require the use of safety glasses.

Recover: returning to the damage

Before entering a damaged building, be sure that it is not about to collapse.
If there is a gas build up inside, a spark can cause a fatal explosion. Avoid smoking and call for help if the situation is unsafe..
Do not turn on electrical system until an electrician has checked for short circuits. Don’t check electrical systems if you are wet, standing in water, or unsure of your safety
Be aware of possible damages such as broken glass, gas leaks and chemical spills.
If pipes are damaged, turn off the main water valve or gas valve. Check with local authorities before working inside your home.
Avoid wild animals injured, dead, or alive -- beware of snakes when moving debris.
by ohorsley and avanheekeren