Tsunami Response

If there was a landslide or earthquake in your area there is a risk of a tsunami.
Turn on your radio, T.V, Internet or your phone and see if there is a tsunami warning near your local area. Inform people if there is a tsunami warning. Stay away from the beach just in case the tsunami does occur and it is not safe to watch the tsunami come. If you can see the tsunami you are to late and you won't be able to escape it. The first wave is not always necessarily the biggest wave, the waves can be minutes apart growing each time one hits the shore line.

Have an area inland where you can go if the disaster does strike. Have more then one route to your inland area just in case the roads are blocked because the are most likely to be if the tsunami does occur.

Have a disaster plan or a survival pack that should have the following items:
Torch light / Flash lights
A portable radio ran off battery.
Spare set of batteries.
First Aid kit.
Emergency Food and Water
Emergency Blanket
Box of matches
Candle- optional.

If you have animals or pets take them with you to the higher ground or an inland area.



By Nodea, Gurbano